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If you're like me, your tootsies get a little less TLC in the cooler, closed-toe-shoe months. Maybe you even neglect them. So before you expose your feet, and others to them, consider spending a few minutes giving them the attention they deserve....



My sixteen year old daughter loves these Gladiator sandals...I was told by the sweet girl that helped us that they continue to fly off shelves at Copper Penny Shooz, especially with high school and college students, They’re great for walking between classes and around downtown. Made by Sam Edelman and selling for $129.

Foot care
The first thing to do is examine your feet for any problems you'll need to take care of, In particular, check the nails for discoloration which could be a sign of fungus.
Next, trim the nails straight across using quality nail clippers. leaving 1/8 of an inch of length. Use an emery board -- not a metal file -- to shape the nails and smooth the corners. emery boards are finer and less likely to split the nail. Always work across the nail in one direction instead of sliding back and forth.
Soak your feet in Epsom salt and warm water for at least five minutes. This softens the skin... And it's great to do if your feet are swollen or sore.
Buff away rough skin using a foot paddle or pumice stone...
Another option for exfoliating the feet is using a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil, The next step is to moisturize, and hydration is key after winter months, Consider a lotion designed especially for the feet.
"Shea butter balms are fantastic, They're just a little bit thicker than you would use on the rest of your body, a little bit more luxurious. They'll soak into the feet a little more because the skin there can be tougher."
Gently push back the cuticles using a Q-tip... If excess cuticle appears over the nails, snip it with a cuticle nipper.
If you're not interested in color, voila! Your pedicure is complete.
But who doesn't like color?

Styling your toes
for painting your nails:
--First swipe nail polish remover over your nails to take off any oils from the moisturizer. Otherwise the polish won't stay.
--Apply a clear base coat in three strokes per nail -- one up the middle and then one on either side. The base coat prevents the upcoming pigment from penetrating and discoloring the nail.
--Wait 30 seconds to a minute before adding your nail color, using three strokes per nail like you did with the base coat. Do two coats of color, waiting 30 seconds to a minute in between. The "tacky" feeling is fine.
--Your top coat comes next. If you used a dark nail color, consider a top coat that is quick dry. Nail colors with more pigment are denser and so take longer to dry.
--Your nails may take an hour to be completely dry. "Color dries from the top down. It may feel dry on the top, but your under color may still be a little wet."
--A helpful hint: When painting nails, swirl the brush around the inside of the bottle to remove excess, instead of dragging it up and out against the rim. "When you wipe across the top and then you put the brush back in and close the bottle, you actually haven't sealed the bottle, and over time the polish will get thick." If polish does get on the rim, clean around the neck of the bottle with nail polish remover.
All about color
Brighter, lighter colors are in for spring and summer.
Pinks and Reds -- (but not dark reds) -- are the most popular hues selected this time of year... corals, pinks (from very soft to peony) and a putty color are the hottest shades this season.
And a new trend toward Greens and Blues.
"Although bright colors in general are the most sought after for summer, I am seeing my daughters friends wearing kelly greens, crystal blues and lilac purples."
To prolong your paint job, reapply a top coat once or twice a week, This also can help refresh the paint job after swimming in a chlorinated pool, which can dull polish, or walking in abrasive sand.
Wearing sandals prolongs the pedicure as well, as you are not getting the wear on the paint from constant contact with socks and shoes, another benefit of warmer weather...

Gold is hot at Copper Penny Shooz... This pair of Michael Kors sandals is my favorite because it goes with everything, from jeans to dresses to white pants. $135. Copper Penny Shooz is at 317 King St. and 1240 Belk Drive, Mount Pleasant.This is the pair that I love...

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  1. Well Julie, I am at the beach and had to bring my toes out from hibernation:) Love the sandals. I have seen quite a lot of those down here, so I knew it was the new trend! Have a blessed day my friend!

  2. I love to get pedis and I am in great need of another one...

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    In Shoes We Trust,
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  3. LOVE those last gold sandals!! Might kill my feet but I'd die happy!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  4. Adorable gold sandals. I just love my toes when they are painted. It's like having a little face lift, only my toes are happy.

  5. Julie, I need a pedicure myself. Where did you learn all this great information? Guess I know what I need to do today. LOL
    Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend!

  6. I love painting my toenails in the summer too. Out of all my old body parts, my toes actually look decent for an old lady ;-) and I like to show them off.

    Happy Spring!

  7. HI!!!
    Nothing better then a Pedicure!!!!
    I do it year around, as here in Sunny AZ we can have our toes out year around!!!!!
    Love the pretty colors!!!!

  8. Great post! I had my nails done today....forgetting it was Prom Day here and the place was packed with teenage girls getting manis and pedis and having flowers painted on their nails to match their dress color. I loved it. HPS

  9. I got my toes sandal ready this week too. Cute post.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  10. I am already a follower. Just thought I'd pop in and invite you to visit me.

    Our twelve year old will be dreaming to have those sandals. I just have a feeling about that.

  11. Julie,

    I loved your pedi tutorial. I sell MK and we have great foot products too! It is so luxurious to spoil yourself with a pedi! I really enjoyed browsing around your blog. There are so many lovely PINK bloggers I spend the weekend getting around to as many as time allows. Please stop by for a visit this week and receive a $25 gift card at my Pink Bubble! Have a wonderful Pink weekend!


  12. What a cute post. It's not warm enough here to expose my toes, but I do like to polish them and keep them looking pretty.

  13. Julie, Oh I so need this to happen to my feet...maybe I will take a moment for myself and go hop in the bath! Thank you for sharing the cute picture of the shoes,
    Happy Shabbing,

  14. I love getting pedicures! It's about time for my second one of the season too! I usually like a metallic red or a hot pink, but I am willing to experiment with more adventurous colors. I got my dark denim blue polish last year, so I guess to be on top of things I'd better start looking for a fabulous green polish!


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