Saturday, January 30, 2010


Good Morning, Do come on in and pull up a chair, and join me in a cup of hot coffee...
It truly is a kind of pink morning around here... It is raining here in South Carolina... so...

I would love to start by showing you this beautiful Pink Candy dish....

Filled with some wonderful Valentine candy....Yes that is Chocolate....

And ...I am eating it with a hot cup of black coffee...In my Pink Fiesta cup and saucer...

As I sit here doing my Pink Saturday Post...Wearing my Pink Marshmallow rob...and my Pink Ugg house slippers, with my buddy Miss Lucy at my feet...

Yes my friends....I am Living the great Pink Life... Do stay warm and dry on this great Pink Saturday...

Pink Saturday, is graciously hosted by Beverly, at How Sweet the Sound. Be sure to visit Beverly's beautiful blog to see a complete list of all the participants in today's Pink Saturday.Thanks so much for stopping by...... As always it has been my Pleasure...Come Back When you can Play Longer...


  1. What a cute and romantic post, Julie. Love the candy dish, it's adorable...Christine

  2. Oh Julie Sweetie...
    Happy Pink Saturday. What a GREAT way to start you Saturday. Chocolate, a great cup of coffee in your pink slippers with a sweet critter at your side.

    I so love your beautiful candy dish. The pink color is just beautiful and it has such pretty markings.

    Thank you for sharing today. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to share my pink post with you. Country hugs, Sherry

  3. Love all your pink! I think your adorable dog loves your pink slippers.

  4. Hello Julie.
    Love the candy dish and the chocolates.
    cute Dogie and slipper.
    Happy PS. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. That's a beautiful dish, and happy PS

  6. I just adore anything pink! lOVE THE CANDY DISH WITH A FAV. CANDY OF MINE IN IT. Cute cup and plate too! have a great weekend JGG

  7. Great Pinks and it is snowing here so I am going to have lots of warm things to keep me comfy this weekend!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. Great Pinks and I really Love that candy dish!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Hello: The Valentine man is from my store. Loved the plate and your post!

  10. Yes, I believe this is the way EVERY Saturday should be spent!.. Well, at least Pink Saturday MORNINGS! Those chocolate candies sure look good! Think I'll just have one on my way out, if you don't mind? Have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  11. I love your dish -- it reminds me of something I used to have - and I wonder why I don't have it any more. Oh well. I love the way you posted your Pink Saturday - and maybe I will check out these Ugg house shoes...they look comfy! Thanks for stopping by my Dee-vine Ms. Bo-vine post. This is fun. I'm not very far along in looking though ... and there's quite a list. :) Jenn

  12. Oh my, what a beautiful compote! But the sweetest thing is that preciuos little friend at your feet!

    Happy PS!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  13. I love Fiesta Ware! All pink items are gorgeous! Kerrie

  14. Julie, that candy dish is GORGEOUS! I love it as well as the coffee cup. I bet those slippers are sooo comfortable and Lucy is precious! Have a warm and wonderful weekend!

  15. Now aren't you the cutest thing in your little marshmallow puffy robe and pink Uggs! Love the pretty dish full of candy and the pink Fiestaware
    is perfect.


  16. I have that pink cup and saucer I love them. Martha Stewart, my subscription ran out and I forgot to renew, this reminds me to do it. I enjoyed my visit I was drinking mint tea in honor of your blog post. Thanks Nan

  17. I love the pink cup and saucer. It all looks great.

  18. julie....thanks for stopping by sweetwater bend for pink saturday. you have a beautiful blog. i love those pink elephant glasses and shaker of your grandmothers you posted about earlier this month. something about them is very familiar to me.......i wonder if some relative of mine had them too?

    i hope you don't mind if i follow your blog too.


  19. HI!!!!
    I love the pink stuff and the candy dish is so cute!!! That fiesta ware is the older ones huh??? I have the new stuff and love it!!!!I have several colors including pink!!!!!
    LOVE the PINK ugg slippers, I may have to go get some!!!! I have the brown UGG boots and LOVE them!!!!!
    keep warm and dry

  20. Loving all your pink! Hope you are having a great weekend.

  21. Hello Julie; Happy Late Pink Saturday.... I love you sweet candy dish,, just gorgeous... you look so warm and cozy in your Pinkness..... Have a great week.


    Ps we got snow here....

  22. Oooh, the pink candy dish is gorgeous! And Reese's hearts!! You really are living it up in your pink life and your sweet pets are enjoying it too. What fun...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  23. Happy Pink Saturday, Julie. Looks like you are in the pink!

  24. G'day, Julie ~

    Would you please change your settings & come follow me on our new blog ~

    We are also having a giveaway thru 2/7 I hope you will come enter.

    Have missed you. Gorgeous treasures you shared.
    Happy Valentine's ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  25. Hi Julie, a little late on my Saturday journey, beautiful pinks, love the candy dish and esp the chocolate! Your little dog is adorable too..we have 3 dogs..anyway have a great rest of the week, stop by and visit sometime!

  26. Hi Julie

    Still visiting for PS. And yes, I do covet your pink marshmallow robe it looks yummy!

    I hope that you are enjoying your week!


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