Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hi it's Tablescape Thursday , and I am I so happy to be here. Please visit Susan over at sure to visit all the great Tablescapes while y'all are there. I also would like to thank all of you that have stopped by to see my table, left comments, and joined my blog, y'all sure have made me feel so welcomed!! Thank you all! And a great big

Thank You to Susan ,for being such a great hostess,we all have such a good time at your place.

This week I think we are all getting ready for Fall.... I pulled the tablecloth off my table, I think the dark color of the wood along with the new black chairs goes so well with fall colors...

I bought this table two years ago, the table is made by a local man that makes them out of old reclaimed barn wood.... When I bought this Table he told me that he was down to the last little bit of wood and that it is getting harder and harder to find this wood...

I just love it and wanted you to see what it always under my Tablecloth.... I also love the look for Fall...

And this little Beauty is an Amber basket that I bought years ago at an Antique store... So that's whats on my Table this week....

It's Fall Y'all...

PPPSSSTTT....YOU....YAA..... YOU..... Come on over hear , I am trying to not let Mom see me... She will never recognise me with my glasses on..... Did you hear about the Give a-way going on over at Mom's ? NO? Well You can find out all about it here!
SSSHHHH it's a secret.... So hop on over and check it out..... xoxo Lucy.


  1. Hi Julie, your amber basket looks very much like the plates and cups I used on my tablescape this week. Wonder if they are of the same set?

    Your little doggy is so cute!

  2. Table and chairs are just perfect and what a gorgeous centerpiece. Your sweet little puppy is just too cute too. Hugs, Marty

  3. I love your basket. Your table and the wood are both beautiful. I have been thinking about painting my table black and keeping the chairs brown. I couldn't decide, but I like the way the mixture looks at your house :)!

  4. Simple...Classic...beautiful warm wood....very nice...
    But on another note...I did notice in the background picture you have a ceiling fan hanging from a cathedral ceiling....Why do I ask? We just had one of those fall from the ceiling when the cast iron bracket broke in was like a 50 pound bowling ball falling from the could have killed someone.....I did a post on it two Tablescapes ago....if your's has been hanging awhile I would think about replacing it....Just a heads up...
    Sue @ Rue Mouffetard...

  5. Hi Julie, I got the cloche on my cake plate at a local antique/junk/discount store that I visit frequently.

  6. Nice table. Love the old wood. I have had several things made from old wood. Love the look. If you visit AtticMag for my Tablescape Thursday post, you can see my kitchen. We used antique pine on the island.

  7. I love the beautiful grains of the wood of your table. Your amber basket is so pretty and I bet what's in it smell so good too...Christine

  8. Beautiful table top ... love that dog! Hope you'll stop by to visit with me!

  9. Beautiful table! I know you're so glad that you got it before that wood was all gone -- now excuse me while I go "Chat" with Lucy a bit.

  10. I love the amber's perfect for fall! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the simplicity of it all! Old wood, black chairs, amber glass, great way to usher in Fall!
    All the best,

  12. Beautiful table so definitely let the wood be the star! ~ Sarah

  13. I'd love for you to join in on my White Wednesday theme. Let me know if you are interested and I can add your name to my list of participants.

    Enjoy your evening.


  14. Hi Julie,

    I think your basket is vintage Fenton Amberinea. I have a few pieces that belonged to my paternal grandmother. If you google it, you'll be amazed at the going prices for it.

    I will have to rummage around & pull mine out for next week's tablescape. Thanks for the reminder that they were hiding in my cupboard.

  15. Fabulous table and chairs and yes, they do look like "fall colours"!


  16. Yes, it's that time of the year to change our decor.
    Your table is a rich, pretty wood. Love the centerpiece.

  17. Beautiful table! I love the little basket filled with fall colors.

  18. Your table is gorgeous! I love the amber basket, too.


  19. Hi Julie, I too love the look of wood and black chairs. My pine table also has black chairs. I love the bowl on the wood as well. The fall colors in the bowl...perfect.


  20. Hi Julie,
    I love your table with the black chairs, and the pretty glass basket too.
    Your dog is so cute :) I've added myself to your followers ;-) Thanks for stopping by.

  21. I love your table. The old wood is indeed beautiful. Could you tell me where you found your windsor type black chairs. I've been hunting for some.

  22. your table is just so beautiful!!! I love the story behind it too....and...that "guy" in disguise....super cute!

  23. Hi Julie! your table is gorgeous! I would love to have an old farm house table!! Miss Lucy is a cutie! Love her costume!! Happy weekend...Debbie

  24. What a cute puppy! Your table is lovely!


  25. I am so glad that you came over!!!
    Your table is gorgeous. Don't you love the look of reclaimed wood?
    Cute dog.

  26. Pretty table, and the basket is the right color for Fall. Cute dog. :)

  27. Hi Julie, your table is beautiful. The amber depression glass basket is fabulous. I don't think I've seen one like it!
    Thanks for coming by for the visit. Have a great weekend.

  28. I absolutely adore your sparse table. The table itself is so beautiful and how lucky you are to have one that is so special.

  29. Wow Julie,
    What an amazing table! I love that it's made from reclaimed barn wood. What a wonderful heirloom that would make. It look beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by. Oh! And how cute is Lucy? Have a wonderful weekend.

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  30. This is just beautiful! So nice to see the wood table! I just love the wood grain!

    Cute doggie!


    P.S. - That pink pig is adorable too! Wonder if it would stay pink after grilling with it.

  31.'re table is beautiful...what a wonderful treasure you've had hidden under your tablecloth! The amber bowl is beautiful and so perfect for fall! Lucy is a riot...made me laugh! :-) Susan

  32. Julie,
    Great table and it looks really good with those black chairs.


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