Sunday, August 2, 2009


Welcome to this weeks Thrifty Find!! Click above and go visit Rhoda's from Southern Hospitality's weekly Thrifty Treasures party!!! Join in on the fun or just look through at every ones awesome finds for the week.

OH what a weekend I had, Friday my daughter and I went to an Estate sale!!

Found these beautiful Spode plates. Eight for $ 50.00. A little more than I like to spend, But they where calling my name.

Then Saturday I went to a yard sale and found these depression glasses, pattern called block. I have been trying to find them at a good price, boy did I. I found 27 of them, but wait it gets better...

She also was selling 12 of the blue ones!!!!!! I got them all for....are you ready..... $ 20.00.
Can you see me doing my little happy dance, because I have been all weekend... Now if it could get better......OH YEA!!!!!

I went to one more Estate sale and can you believe my luck (: more dancing :) There before my eyes .......16 tall green block glasses, 8 medium, and 12 small. Oh what a week end. I paid $ 25.00 for them all.

I have 6 tall amber ones that I bought some time back at GW for $4.oo. So just for fun I went to my favorite antique store, just to find out what a good weekend I really have had.

Can you see the price? That's right 8 for $88.oo. So I looked around and found that the tall ones go for about $11.00, each the medium $7.50, and the small for $4.50. So I did the math $719.00 had I bought them at my favorite antique store. Now lets subtract the $45.00 that I spent for them and I saved $674.00. I know you can see me dancing now!!
(: And maybe singing:) Until next week happy shopping.


  1. Love the glasses. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm in Florence. I go to Mt. Pleasant every couple of months to take my son to the doctor. I love shopping in Charleston and Beaufort.

  2. Those plates are gorgeous! Definitely worth $5.

  3. Your Spode plates are looks like they are glittered in the picture! WOW you got a lot of wonderful glasses. All of the colors are wonderful! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Wow, great deals on everything, and I bet you're going to have fun doing a beautiful tablescape! Have you stopped dancing yet?!

  5. WOW, Julie! You really did great with the glasses. My mom has the amber ones & I didn't even know what they are called. We've been drinking out of those for years. Thanks for stopping by. And yes, the Spode plates are very pretty.

  6. Now that's really amazing! I love when we find exactly what we want :)

  7. Julie...that is fantastic! I have got to start going to estate sales! I love your spode china...totally worth what you paid! Will we be seeing a tablescape with all these beautiful finds? :-)

  8. Woohoo! What a savings! We had the green ones for years and probably sold them for next to nothing at a garage sale years ago...makes me a little sad now :(
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following!

  9. I see you and I both have a penchant for glassware. I found mine last week. Great job on finding all of this. I love your plates!
    :-) Sue

  10. Love love love the spode plates. You did fantastic. Definitely worthy of the happy dance. marla

  11. The Spoke plates are wonderful. You sure have a great collection of glassware going. Good luck

    Thanks for sharing.

    I came here from Rhoda's.


  12. I love footed goblets, in fact I don't think I've drank out of a regular glass in years! Love the block fav are the clear and the blue!

    I think you have enough glasses now! LOL!


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