Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time Marches on...

First Day of School

Tuesday was the first day of school here... For 21 years now, on the first day of school I take my sweet children out to the front porch and we take first day of school pictures!! It's one of Moms silly little traditions... This is my baby, she starts 10 th grade today. Boy how the time has passed so fast. I have four daughters, each year I take them out to the porch and make them smile ( I would show you all the pictures I had to take this morning to get this one with her smiling but she might kill me) To this day I have never had all four on the porch at one time... The day my baby started kindergarten the oldest one was off starting her first day of college... So that year I had one starting college, one off to high school, one in middle school, and my baby starting grade school... Now those of you with children can and will identify with what I am about to say next..... Try to go to all the school functions for each child's school Ha Ha, Oh And did I say one was at college two hundred miles away, ( big baby) wants Mom to be there for all functions, as if she is an only child!!! Some time has passed since then, Two are married, one is in college, and now my baby is one year closer to moving on to college... She will do great things, I know she will, but why does time have to move so fast? So here I sit, drinking my COFFEE... wondering what will I do with this time honored tradition , One I started so long ago, I am such a mother, what ever will I do with myself.... I love the traditions I have started with my girls, I love my girls , I love my life, I love each and every new chapter of the life I live.... But... I love the old, the comfortable... the things in my life that I hold dear, the things that bring me joy!! So today I start a new tradition!!!!! Look close in the window.... who do you see... Baby cakes!!!! Making her first porch appearance....
Yes time marches on, the things that bring you such joy change, The things you love grow and blossom, new things come along that bring such joy that you could never imagine.. So I sit , drink my coffee and wonder what new traditions may have started today!!! The new wonder I find in being a Grandmother is like no other..... I am in love...she makes me so happy, What wonderful new traditions will this little person bring to my life...


  1. How beautiful your sweet daughter is. Just lovely..and your grandbaby is just adorable.And don't worry..the new traditions will be just as magical.

  2. What a beautiful tradition. Your daughter is gorgeous, along with Baby Cakes. It is so nice to meet you. Looking forward to getting to know you..hugs ~lynne~

  3. I so agree! I couldn't believe it was possible to love another human being so much until I had grandchildren.
    There is no word to describe it really, 'love' doesn't do the feeling justice. There is no word to describe 'more than love'.
    When I started my personal blog I wrote a post about it.

    I tell my grandchildren all the time, "I more than love you."

    All the best,

  4. Julie, what a sweet post. I can truly relate! We've had an empty nest for several years, but soon we will be opening our home to a grandson and one on the way! Yes, it's true - every stage in life is so precious!

  5. This is a real cute post! I used to take the first day of school pictures as well! Yesterday I received a first day of school picture of my grandson!

    Cute kiddoes!


  6. Horry County didn't start classes until the 24th ;-)


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