Friday, August 28, 2009



You may know the little corgi on the right as Miss Lucy (AKA Dish Dog) The corgi on the left is Baby Cakes, little corgi Murray.... Oh how we love these little dogs!!!

Baby Murray
Now when my 15 yr old daughter was in the 6th grade( age11) she drew this picture of Murray... She used color pencils.
We did not have Lucy yet. We all loved Murray so much , that three months later we went on the hunt and found Miss Lucy

Now I loved the picture that my daughter did of Murray, So I ask her to do one of Lucy.. She told me one day!! I ask for my Birthday,Christmas, Mothers day....... Well I had to beg for two years to get Lucy's picture done.....

Well ,when she was in 8th grade ,( with lots of begging on my part) I got my picture of Miss Lucy....
I think you so much for letting me do a little bragging....
Now I would like to introduce you to a some what new blogger....Some of you may have already found her over at the Rooster Party being hosted by Barb @ Bella Vista .
Maria is very talented you should go check out her She also has a-give-a-way going on

Maria drew this button for her blog....

And this Rooster.... The pictures on my blog do not do her work justice.... You really should go check her work out... You will be amazed!
Have a great day... Thank you all so much for stopping by


  1. First of all... what beautiful drawings your daughter drew with the colored pencils! I know a lot of time and love went into those. (wow!, especially that she did the first one when she was 11yrs old! What would she like to do after high school? :o)

    I have loved drawing since I was little...& truly do love drawing's hard to imagine that I have taken orders for the Personalized Sketches now almost a quarter of a century (ok, that really sounds old, when its said that way!) But when I started our "baby" girl was about 18 mo. & now she is in her final yr of dental school & newly married!

    I appreciate the "shout out" :o)
    (& actually, the pictures that I take of my samples of past drawings...on MY blog aren't the best! haha ...some due to camera lighting & angles...some due to old samples).

    Again...thank you :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  2. Maria is very talented and I will certainly pay a visit.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Thanks for the post. Will check her out. Bhack, Bhack.


  4. Both your daughter and Maria possess a lot of talent!
    Nice post!
    All the best,

  5. Such a lovely rooster drawing. Thank you so much for sharing it with us and celebrating today.

    Barb :-)

  6. The doggy drawings are awesome!

  7. Thos pictures are great -- your daughter is quite talented -- and that IS something to brag about!

  8. Your daughter is so talented! Those pictures are awesome!

  9. Love the rooster! Your daughter is very talented!
    Have a great weekend ~ Hyacinth

  10. How sweet to have those drawings done by your daughter. She's very talented!

  11. Love art done by young people :)...I was young once...and I am LOVing the photo of your 2 corgis!!I think that image would be best captured in oil ;o)
    I'll take a peek at the other artist's work as well!
    God bless!

  12. Treasure those drawings by your daughter! She has talent...and a lot of love, which shines through.

    I met Maria at the Rooster party too. She is wonderful...not only are her drawings wonderfully fun, she is such a nice lady.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you...
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

    ps Thanks for visiting my blog. It's so much fun to meet all the wonderful bloggers!

  13. Your daughter's artwork is gorgeous! What talent.

  14. Your daughter has amazing talent...I can't believe she is soo young!

  15. That was a beautiful story of the pups and your daughter is so talented. When it comes to the pups, you can do all the bragging you want. Bet you can't tell I'm a puppy person. Blessings, Janet

  16. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog, your daughter is very talented! Have a sweet day! x

  17. Wonderful drawings by your daughter, I'm sure you are very proud.


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